Raquel Nicole Jete has a BFA in Musical Theater from AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts and has classically trained in both New York and Los Angeles. Raquel has travelled the world including Greece, Spain, Italy, Russia and Paris, France as a Singing Entertainer. 

Elton John and Tim Rice's

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Raquel as "Aida" in Broadway by the Bay's production of Elton John and Tim Rices's AIDA, Redwood City, CA.

"Beauteous, angel-voiced Raquel Nicole Jetè...poignant songs that sound like shear gossamer silk coming from Jetè’s commanding voice. She calls attention to that voice in “The Past is Another Land” at the beginning of the play, but it is Act 2’s “Easy as Life” that is a show-stopper." 

     -Joanne Engelhardt, The Mercury News


"Even when she has to hide her identity, Aida (stunning Raquel Nicole Jetè) holds herself like royalty." 

     -Tyler Jeffreys, theatrius.com


"Aida (Raquel Nicole Jeté) plaintively yet assertively sings with striking beauty.”

     -Eddie Reynolds, Talkin’ Broadway 


"Aida remains proud, strong and in command throughout, ever the noble heroine. Jete is wonderful in the title role, with a voice clear, pure and honey-rich."

     -Karla Kane, Palo Alto Weekly


"Jetè has a strong voice with plenty of feeling."

     -Tony Lacy-Thompson, Regarding Arts