Raquel Nicole Jeté is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and actor from the San Francisco Bay Area. She began studying ballet, tap and jazz dance at the age of four, leading her church choir at 11 and starring in musicals at the age of 13. She's has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Musical Theater and has been classically trainined in all styles of music.   


Her sound has been heavily compared to Lauryn Hill and India.Aire with her mixture of Jazz, Soul, and Folk. Over the years she has devloped her own unique style, calling it,

"Acoustic Gospel Soul."

She composes all of her own music and coming from a poetry background her lyrics are deeply moving and thought provolking, 

The eclectic blend of sounds will keep you grooving as well as captivated.


Raquel currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is now in the process of recording her debut EP.


Crossing genre lines and musical barriers Raquel Nicole Jeté will no doubt influence a generation and impact

the world.